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Vidyapatidham being the Nirvan Bhoomi of great poet, devotee and philosopher of Mahakavi Vidyapati, it is having not only the religious importance but also the land of inspiration for litterateurs, diplomats and all the intellectuals. Vidyapati was an ardent devotee of both Shiva and Shakti. In his compositions he has described Durga, Kali, Bhairavi, Ganga, Gauri etc. as Shakti. When Vidyapati became ill after becoming very old, he called his sons and family and gave this order:”Now I want to renounce this body. I wish that I could touch the Ganges water on the banks of the Ganges and take the last breath of my long life. So, you guys should be ready to make me gain Ganga. Calling Kaharia on it Sit down and take us to Gangat today. Now the family members obeyed the command of the Mahakavi and summoned four kaharis to put the corpse’s corpse in a palanquin and go to the Ganga Ghat Ganga labha – carrying the Kahariya palanke forward and backward. Walking through the night, when the sunrise occurred and they reached Mow-Bazidpur (Now known as Vidyapatinagar/Vidyapatdham) of Smastipur District   Vidyapati asked: “Brother, tell me how far the Ganges is and how far?””Thakurji, close to quarter to two Kos.” The evils responded. At this, a great poet filled himself with confidence: “Stop my palanquin here. Ganga will come here.””Thakurji, this is not possible. Ganga is flowing at a distance of about a quarter to two kos. How will it come here? You must be patient.” Within an hour we will reach the Ghat. “”No-no, stop the palanquin” Mahakavi said, “We don’t need to go any further. The Ganges will come here. If a son is coming from so far away with a dead body to see his mother at the last moment of life Can not Ganga Maa Paune Do Kos come to meet her son? Ganga will come and will definitely come. “Saying this, the great poet sat down in the meditation. Within fifteen to twenty minutes, the Ganges reached there with the flow of its rising stream. Everybody was surprised.

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