Circulars & Notifications

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Court of Additional Collector

General information issued from the Court of Additional Collector, Samastipur.

18/01/2017 31/12/2018 Download (6 MB)

Order: – related to Keran Oil Uplift, District Supply Department, Samastipur, Date: – 10/02/2017

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Order of Darbhanga Commissioner

Office of the Commissioner, Office of the Darbhanga Circle under the administrative head list of the Assisted Statistical Assistants and Regular Women Supervisors!

04/03/2017 31/12/2018 Download (381 KB)
Revenue and Land Reforms

Assessment report of study done at the level of expert group of Social Impact Assessment Report on the proposal of land acquisition under the widening and strengthening work of State High Path No. 200-88 (Barunapull NH-103 to Rasiyari) path.

24/05/2017 31/12/2018 Download (904 KB)
Revenue and Land Reforms

Report of Social Impact Assessment Report and Analysis Report from Expert Group level on project proposals for widening and strengthening of path of widening and strengthening of path from Project Varunapul to Rasiyari Path-0 SH-88 (Varunapool NH88-103).

06/07/2017 31/12/2018 Download (489 KB)
Revenue and Land Reforms

Notice of final publication under section 11 (1) of the Act in the land-settlement dispute No.-38 / 73-74 of the Government- Nam-Shree Ajiteswar Das Chella Mahant Phulna Das.

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Reports / dates (10-07-2017) of subdivision / city and block / vendor-wise quoted kerosene oil for the month of July, 2017

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Disaster Management

An additional 5000 piece polyethylene sheets are supplied in the light of the agreement presented by the authorized representative of May Bag Poly International Pvt Ltd, A-24/25, Yamuna Inclave, GT Road, Panipat-13103.

16/08/2017 31/12/2018 Download (255 KB)
Revenue and Land Reforms

Village- Bhagwanpur Chakshikho, Thana-Dalsinghrai Police Station, Extra description of land for the project of 4.755 acre i.e. 1.902 hectare standard, for the project in Zilla Samastipur district.

16/08/2017 31/12/2018 Download (1 MB)

In relation to fraudulent fraud, financial irregularity and illegal withdrawal of Government amount in the accounts of Bhagalpur district in Bhagalpur district, in connection with the investigation of accumulated amount in bank accounts under departments / offices.

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